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Furniture Repair

Posted on July 30, 2018 by Noah

Your favorite pieces of furniture will wear out over time and eventually may need some repair work. When deciding whether or not to repair the piece or replace it, take into consideration the sentimental and monetary value of the piece of furniture. If it is an antique piece that has been passed down through several generations, it’s not something that can be replaced. In this situation, you want to find a skilled chair caning Tallahassee FL artisan who can help you repair what is broken or damaged. Even the most common furniture can be repaired by experienced furniture professionals, and repairs most often cost much less than buying new pieces.

General Repairs

General repairs would cover instances such as normal wear and tear. Typically, these are not large damages and they can be repaired quickly and easily.

Broken, Loose, and Uneven Legs

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If the legs of your furniture are giving you troubles, you can have this repaired. Someone who has experience with furniture repair can either replace or stabilize the legs. If a chair is wobbly when you sit in it, this can be dangerous.

Damage on the Surface

Surface damage on tables, dressers, or other furniture is very common and can normally be repaired easily. If you don’t use a coaster, the condensation from drinks can leave water marks and other damage on coffee tables and night stands. Furniture repair professionals can assess the damage and repair it.

Fire & Water Damage

If you have furniture that has been through a fire or a flood, there may be help. If the piece is still salvageable, a furniture repair professional may be able to restore it. This gives you back your antique chair that you thought you would never get to sit in again. It’s amazing the repairs and restoration that can be done.