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Granite Uses in Your Home

Posted on July 30, 2018 by Noah

granite showrooms, North Charleston, SC

Granite is a rock that forms below the Earth’s surface. Granite contains mostly quartz and feldspar, but it is also made up of some other minerals. Granite has many uses and is commonly used when building or remodeling homes. If you are looking for granite showrooms, North Charleston, SC has great places for you to visit. There are many benefits that come along with having granite installed in your home. You should always have your granite professionally installed and sealed.

Granite is Very Durable

Having granite countertops means you have very durable countertops that can endure heat and resist scratches and chips in the stone. If someone sets a hot pan or pot on your granite countertops, they will likely not be affected. Other countertops will be damaged by an intense amount of heat. If you drop something on your granite countertops, or if someone slides something heavy across them, your countertops are not likely to scratch or chip. It’s not indestructible, but it can take some abuse.

Granite is Sanitary

Once your granite surface is sealed, it becomes non-porous. This means that nothing will soak into your surfaces. This eliminates dirt, bacteria, and grime that can be left behind on your countertops while cooking. Because it has a sealed surface, granite is very easy to keep clean. In most cases, all you need is a warm wet rag to wipe down any messy surfaces.

Granite Adds Value to Your Home

Granite can range from $45 to over $200 per square foot. Not all granite costs the same amount and there are many factors that determine the price per square foot. Things such as the size of the granite piece, the color and availability, the grade of the granite, and special treatments that have been processed already all affect how much you will have to pay. When you remodel your home and add in granite, you are adding value to your home and increasing the amount your home is worth.